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We're one of the UK's leading website design companies. Our experience and infrastructure ensures that the websites we design, develop and optimise exceed client's expectations.

We also firmly believe in excellent communication with our clients. From an initial, no-obligation consultation to your assigned web designer - who is always just a phone call / Email away.

At UK Web Media. We offer tailor made packages from basic to executive or you can choose from one of our business packages including email, hosting and website design. Contact us today for a free complementary quote.

Our Services


We help you to find the domain that is right for you. It's important the domain you pick optimises traffic to your site looks good and appears on engines like google, we do that for you.

Web Design

Websites are important for any business. We make sure the sites look very smooth. Your site will work on phones, tablets and laptop/desktops. We also optimise visibility on search engines like google.


Professional Emails are very important especially to businesses. We do not do hidden charges you pay for the hosting mentioned next and that's it you get free emails. No monthly costs.

Cloud Hosting

We help you to get the best rates on hosting. Hosting is the space you need to be able to store your website where others can view. We guarantee 99% uptime and full speed navigation.

Website Development

We will help set up the webite that is right for you. This includes theme, style and functionality. We offer a quick turn around time as we want you online as soon as possible.

Website creation: We will create the website you want in the colours you want and the style you want.

Video Support: If you need a video embedded into your site not a problem.

Web Design for up to 5-10 pages: We will create all the pages you need usually Home, About Us, Services, Contact should be a minimum.

Visitor Stats & Marketing Reports: If you want to track how many people are coming onto your site we can add in google analytics which can tell you how many hits a day. where they came from. which geo region they live in.

Image Gallery: We can incorporate a gallery/slideshow into your website.

Technical Support: If you take out hosting with us we provide free techinical support. Any issues simply contact us.

Enquiry Form set up : Enquiry forms nowadays are avery important they are quick to fill in and look appealing. We can set one up for you.

Site maintenance: We will make sure your site gets little updates you may need.

Logo Design : As part of the package if you don't have a logo we can show you a few samples and you can use them if you like.

Audio Support: We can embed audio into your Website.

Site compatibaility with Tablets / Smart Phones: We will make sure your sites optimises user experiance on all devices.

Cross Browser and device compatibility: We will make sure your website looks the same no matter which browser is used. This includes IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and many others.

As an additional add on we can also integrate a SQL Database into your site along with Email forwarding & back-up service.

Another new feature for websites is the inclusion of Opencart. We set up the whole thing for you and you can have an online shopping retail outlet. Opencart is fully updatable by the user.


We can help set up numerous email addresses for you. this comes free if taking hosting with us.

Email set up: We will set up your email you choose what you want it to be called.

Email forwarding: If you want your emails forwarded to a hotmail or any other account this is not a problem.

Email inbox: You let us know how much space you want your email inbox to have and let us do the rest.

Email auto reply: If you want a professional autoreply from someone who sends you a message. We can set this up.


We help you to find the domain that is right for you. It's important the domain you pick optimises traffic to your site looks good and appears on engines like google, we do that for you.

Choosing a domain: We will help you find the right domain we can offer suggestions and help you to pick the best choice.

Domain renewal: We can manage your yearly domain renewal and can let you know in advance when the next yearly renewal is due.

Domain linked to website: If you already have a domain and just want a website we can link your domain to our hosting platform while you retain your domain we can host the site.

Domain searches: We ensure whichever domain you purchase we will get you to the top of many search engines such as Google. Its important you are easy to find out there and we optimise our sites to make sure your domain name is picked up easily.


We help take the worries away about hosting. We offer yearly hosting plans where you have complete peace of mind and we take care of the rest.

Yearly Hosting: You pay for yearly hosting we offer extremely competitive prices.

Free Support: If you do take out yearly hosting with us you can call us throughout the year period for any tweaks or changes to your website at no extra cost.

Latest Website updates: Any websites that we create for you we will ensure it is up to date with the latest technology and everything is running perfectly.

99% uptime throught the year: We will ensure that your website is up and running throughout the year, and the only downtime is due to maintenance work on the server.

Our Prices


Yearly domains costs, .uk, .com domains. Starts from 9.99
Premium domains. This includes specialist extensions such as .education, .builder Starts from 24.99

Web Design

For building a website that suits your needs. One off charge. 119.00
Website along with a years hosting. 165.00
For shopping cart website. 199


If you are already taking hosting with us emails are free with the group package. 0.00
If you need emails only from us. We charge on a yearly basis. This allows you upto 5 emails. etc. Please note a domain is pre required for emails to be set up either we can purchase this at the same time. Or you can. Starts from 29.99

Cloud Hosting

For Standard websites we charge yearly for hosting. This includes full management and free updates to your website throoughout the year. 65.00
For Shopping cart sites which also hosts your database for items. 95.00 per year



Here are some of our custom packages to get you off the ground and online quickly at a very affordable price.

Standard Web Package

IMAGE For 165 pounds we will make you a website get you your domain and sort out hosting for one year. The breakdown is 65 pounds go into the Domain and Hosting. And we will make you your website for 100 pounds. We will discuss with you how you want it to look and you have unlimited changes before go live. Also for a small charge we can make certain areas of your website amendable by you by logging into the website via an easy dataform.

Shopping Website

IMAGE For shopping cart sites we charge 199. This includes a fully interactive front end with a shopping cart and also you can add products yourself in the background database with information including prices, descriptions, sales. And everything can be linked to paypal for easy checkout options.

Hosting only

IMAGE For 65 pounds if you just require us to handle your hosting of a website you have already built we can do that. With our hosting you also have access to support where we can make changes to your site at no extra cost for the year.

Emails only

IMAGE For 29.99 pounds yearly if you just require us to handle your email set up we can do that. With our emails you also have access to support where we can help configure things at no extra cost for the year.



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